astral-travel-informationAstral Travel Information

What is Astral Travel?

Hello, and welcome to a world of discovery and growth.
You have arrived at a website dedicated to your development in the realm of astral travel, also commonly known as astral projection. This astral travel information concerns a state of being which differs from our everyday existence and is as old as Mankind itself. It has direct implications for your development as an integrated person in touch with your connection to a greater Realm of Existence.

In our regular day-to-day world of waking, dressing, breakfast, working, dinner, TV, and sleeping we experience a physical world full of other beings such as ourselves and the familiar solidity of our material world. We can walk and talk, interacting in familiar ways we have practiced since childhood.

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Perhaps, at some stage of our life, whether through religious training, a school course in philosophy, or a “chance” encounter, we get a glimpse behind the curtain of the familiar and into the realm of the fantastic. Some people have glimpsed this other realm through stress of injury, a near death experience, or in particularly vivid and memorable dreams. Over the past millennia, these glimpses have been called many things and interpreted in many ways.

If you have heard of out-of-body-experience (OBE), lucid dreaming,
or remote viewing these are
just other terms associated with the controlled
mastery of astral projection.

You see, scientific literature can not reconcile the existence of more than one reality for us to experience. There are some things science does not explain adequately, and so, we frequently receive our astral travel information from philosophers and mystics (who are merely philosophers from cultures other than our own). Their explanations lend weight to what we can personally experience and witness, as they analyze these events through their tradition of alternative wisdom. This is a tradition rich in conceptual thinking and experience that is quite apart from our Western ways of analysis and no less valid.

When we remain open-minded and positively hopeful for desired outcomes,
we are almost always fulfilled. And so, it is affirmed over and
over again that astral travel is not only real, but
achievable by anyone who desires it
and is willing to learn how.

What if I were to tell you that learning how to astral travel is not difficult, and that it may, in fact, be achieved by anyone? Would you believe astral projection is a natural ability of all beings and that this natural ability is resting in your subconscious, anxious to be experienced? This is true.

We all are born with two bodies; one is physical and one is energetic (or spiritual,
if you prefer; some call this energetic body the Soul). Your energetic body is
your natural means to astral travel.

Please understand this: Your energetic body is no less “you” than the physical body with which you are very familiar. In fact, it is arguably a more “real” representation of who you truly are. If you are familiar with religious and philosophical teachings, you have learned your soul is immortal, having existed before you where born and persisting after your death. And, while it is not a dormant inconsequential thing while we are alive, we are largely unaware of its workings in our lives due to our consciousness being obsessed with the physical world.

free-astral-travel-videosClick Here for Free Videos

astral-travel-informationI would like to introduce you to methods which will make you as familiar with your energetic body as your physical body. You will understand how to use this awesome power to make positive changes in your life. In fact, it will change your life forever!

The ability to astral travel across the physical world is only the beginning of your personal journey of discovery. With adequate astral travel information and training, you will be able to astral project through time and space and across dimensions into realms of the purely spiritual. It is here you may find the deepest satisfaction of all in knowing the answer to the oldest question of existence: Why are you here?

~Thanks for reading, Abe.