astral-travel-for-beginnersAstral Travel for Beginners

A Simple Astral Projection Overview

If you are interested in Astral Travel and are looking for more information, if you are skeptical or even a bit dismissive, I hope this article is the perfect vehicle to give you an unbiased, informed overview. For those of you wishing to know more about astral travel for beginners, and what the possibilities and benefits are… please read on.

Even if you are totally unaware of astral travel as subject in its own right, you will almost certainly have heard about out of body experiences; particularly in cases where the subjects are near death or have actually died for a few seconds or minutes, but have then been revived.

Such people describe leaving their bodies, and floating above themselves, looking down and perhaps even hearing the people speaking in the room, and later, after being revived, accurately recounting the conversation that went on between the medical staff.

That is astral travel in its simplest, most basic form.

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The number of accounts that tell of this sort of experience are simply too numerous to ignore. Even if the experience could be written off as a dream or an hallucination, how could the subject accurately record a conversation that they couldn’t otherwise have heard under any other circumstances?

This big difference between true astral travel and a mere out of body happenstance is control. In a subject who undergoes the near death experience, it usually just happens involuntarily. Whereas if you pursue astral travel for beginners as a subject for study and actual practice, it will be something that you experience under you own total control and cognizance.

Contrary to common misconception, astral travel for beginners has absolutely nothing at all to do with religion. The fact of the matter is, both total atheists and the devoutly religious can, and have, experienced the thrill of controlled astral travel. There is no special equipment needed, and there are no gimmicks or tricks. It couldn’t be further away from smoke and mirrors. It will take place in quiet controlled surroundings with or without people around you, although astral travel for beginners is perhaps best practiced alone to minimize the possibility of distractions.

One thing you should understand is
that there is absolutely no danger involved.
It is just as safe as regular sleep.

Astral travel involves the separation of the “spirit” from the body. Some people are afraid that once your spirit leaves your body, it may not be able to find its way back again. Rest assured this cannot happen; it is an impossibility. Your “astral self” remains “connected” to your physical body by a thin silver cord. This cord is both unlimited in length and is totally unbreakable. It is the pathway back your body and it will always be there for instantaneous back transfer, reuniting your astral self with your earthbound physical body at will.

astral-projection-meditationAstral travel for beginners is the dawning of an immense realization. It will irrevocably change your life and your view of the universe and everything within it forever. Astral travel is all about mind control. You will learn how to become one with yourself, at perfect peace with who you are and what your existence is all about. It is rather like inducing a state of transcendental meditation and that in itself, even without the wonder of the actual controlled out of body experience, is of huge benefit to you both physically and mentally.

You will learn how to divest your mind of all its worries and stresses as you prepare yourself for the ultimate experience of astral travel. You will learn how to block everything out, and in doing so you will experience and enjoy true peace and harmony with everything around you. But there is nothing mystical about this. It is a tried and trusted technique performed by both religious scholars and ordinary citizens, (as in yoga disciplines) to achieve true spiritual, or self (not religious) awareness.

One thing is sure: You will need guidance to achieve the physical control and mental attitude necessary to astral project in a controlled and focused manner. It does you no good (except for the occasional thrill) to have random success with self-guided attempts. To exercise this ability in a deliberate and controlled manner is only possible with the guidance of an accomplished practitioner. This is the only tried-and-true method for beginners.


Once you learn the simple basics, you will be able to astral travel at will, when and wherever you so choose providing that your environment is conducive to attaining the correct state of mind to start your wondrous journey. There are no boundaries. Admittedly, astral travel for beginners will be of a more basic nature in terms of where you journey and how to relate to your surroundings. But, I want you to know, the limits are literally boundless. You will see for yourself.

Astral travel is as amazing as it is real. It will open up a whole new universe of possibilities to you. The sooner you make your mind up to start, the sooner you will be able to roam free, as and where you will. You will be a new person.

~Thanks for reading, Abe.

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